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50% of design-led companies reportmore loyal customers
Source: Adobe


Companies driven by Design Thinking have out-performed the S&P Index by 228% over 10 years.
Source: DMI


Companies that propagate creativity have
1.5 times greater market share than others.

Source: Adobe


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one
less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one
less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost


Why Xenacious?

Companies with Innovation in their DNA have proven to be significantly more successful than those without… Many companies list Innovation amongst their core “values”, but very few practice it as a focussed, on-going process. Companies with a Design Thinking culture embedded in their DNA are the ones which continue to considerably outperform competition, and have business results which are disproportionately higher than others. XENACIOUS seeks to assess and honour those who refused to walk the beaten path, dared to dream differently, and delivered on promises, or beyond.

Expert Evaluation

70+ years of engagement with industry, creating entrepreneurs and global leaders for hundreds of organisations… Constant exposure to a wide range of  global business practices… Cherry-picked students with a stellar attitude, who make a consistent effort to push the boundaries of corporate knowledge, through deep research and management insights… And an exceptional faculty’s own lifetime experience of Business Management in the VUCA world… All this and more gives our Evaluation Experts from XLRI a cutting edge and a futuristic outlook.

A Score &
Maybe More

Every participating company is assessed for an Innovation Score - or XenQ. While you sign up for unbiased analysis, and subsequent Certification, you potentially unlock the prospect of Jury Recognition. So what makes your quest to be truly different in a cluttered marketplace eligible for Recognition by our Jury? Timely submission of correct supporting data; a best-in-class XenQ; a unique approach to visualising and executing business; and its proven impact on your organisational, functional and individual success.


Participating in this first-ever innovation dipstick is sure to create a sense of pride for every employee in your span, and generate visibility for causes you uphold. As a protagonist of Innovation Culture, you stand to enhance brand recall with business partners and industry front-runners. And those who are a part of the Winners’ Forum, reach a direct audience in lakhs, showcasing their credibility, proactivity, and agility in the Innovation space.

Bottom Lines

While our analysis enables you to interpret your XenQ, and plan your Design Thinking journey, our recommendations of possible solutions accelerate your path to outperforming competition. Those who choose to elevate their XenQ can opt for customized interventions, and leverage industry-wide best practices in unique scenarios, significantly boosting your sales and profits.

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